Header of 75th ECD Convention



(Tentative, subject to change)

Tuesday, August 10
.        Orientation / Welcome, Introductions and Opening Worship

Wednesday, August 11

        Business Sessions / Advocacy Workshop


Thursday, August 12

        Business Sessions / Entertainment

Friday, August 13

.        Last Business Session / Closing Worship (includes ECD Awards and Requiem) / ECD Convention Adjourns until further notice



The ECD is excited to announce that the 75th Convention is happening virtually this year. The Diocese of Olympia are offering technical support to make this convention happen. 

The Convention will be August 10 - 13, 2021. Starting at 12pm Eastern Time.

Registration: You must be a current ECD member to register. Registration deadline is August 1st to have voting and delegation rights.

The ECD Convention will be livestreamed for non-registered viewers (no voting rights).

Caption and voice interpreters will be offered.

To Register

Rev Richard Mahaffy officiating Eucharist while Deacon Suzanne stand by



We are a group of people – Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing family and friends – who worship God together in the Episcopal tradition.

Our Mission


Empower Deaf people with the Good News of Jesus Christ, encourage full participation in Church Life, and advocate for Deaf Ministries.



Join the members of the ECD for a virtual worship every Sunday:
11:30am EST
10:30am CST
9:30am MST
8:30am PST

Click here to attend

Meeting ID: 817 9175 3536
Password: 334521

Rev. Richard Mahaffy welcomes you with outreached hands


The ECD hosts many financial and ministry resources. Apply for a grant, donate to ECD, and find resources for your ministry.

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Women’s bible reading Wednesday after services​

Relief Fund

Please show your support and donate to our Love the World fund.


The ECD encourages the wider Church to be aware of the deaf community and supports work in the field with grants and seed money for new deaf ministries.

Please support our work and give as generously as you are able.