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Convention GRANT extended: May 30th. 
All Are Invited. Walk in love.

Mission: Empower Deaf people with the Good News of Jesus Christ, encourage full participation in Church Life, and advocate for Deaf Ministries.

 Vision: Full inclusion in Church life.

Please read the 2023 Membership Letter from the ECD President, The Rev. Richard Mahaffy.

The online donation button is active! You can now make a donation, pay membership dues, and donate in memory of someone.

2023 membership dues are due by March 31, 2023. 

The ECD encourages the wider Church to be aware of the Deaf community and supports work in the field with grants and seed money for new Deaf ministries.

Please support our work and give as generously as you are able.



Education of Ministry
in ASL

Do you want to gain a deeper insight or be inspired by a theological reflection?
Come learn with us in ASL! 

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ECD Brochure

Check out the new brochure!


Deaf ELM

Deaf ELM

Episcopal, Lutheran, and Methodist join together in unity, Christian deaf ministry, fellowship and worship. 

This is the Season of Epiphany. Lent is soon upon us. Do not forget to send in your membership form by the end of February.


And other Deaf Churches

Zoom meeting

The ECD is looking to hire an
Administrative Assistant.

Do have secretarial skills?
Are you organized, proficient in Word, Excel, Google Docs, etc...?
Can you communicate with Deaf and Hearing people?

 Interested? Click here to know more.


All are welcome.

We are a group of people - Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, and Hearing family and friends - who worship God together in the Episcopal tradition

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