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Grants from ECD

Grants from the Episcopal Conference of the Deaf are only considered for ministries located within provinces of The Episcopal Church since funding is limited and must be spent within the communion it originates.  We currently accept grant requests from the United States and US Territories.  All grants are limited to ECD members and those already working in Episcopal Deaf Ministries.  You can apply for membership online and become an ECD Member today. 

Grants can be used for many things, including:

  • Program grants

  • Internship grants

  • Equipment grants

  • Interpreter grants

  • And more

The ECD requires concrete evidence that Deaf people have been involved in the planning and carrying out of the project.  (In the case of an internship or academic scholarship, the applicant should show evidence of contact with an Episcopal congregation of Deaf people.)

In the awarding of grants, the ECD Board expects to be partners in the project.  Experienced consultants are available upon request.  In the case where personnel is hired, we expect that consultation with the ECD Board will take place during the search and call process.  It is necessary to consult with the ECD Board before hiring personnel; final approval of this grant is dependent on this.

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