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Financial Support and Resources

Here we have a few of the services provided by the ECD.

ILY and little girl copying ILY sign from ceramic ILY hand

Resources for the Deaf

Here, find resources for Signs of Scripture, ASL translations of Hymns for singing in sign, and general questions and answers for Episcopal Deaf ministry. 

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry laughing during his speech.  ASL interpreter in brown blouse nearby
Grants from the ECD

Grants from the ECD are considered for ministries located within provinces of The Episcopal Church. We currently accept grant requests from the United States and US Territories.

Brown basket, full of yellow buttons, black text saying "Be Open".

Donate to the ECD

The ECD is the oldest national Christian organization seeking to bring the Gospel to deaf people.​

Please support our work and give as generously as you are able.

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