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ECD Board Members
Fr. Dick Mahaffy.png


The Rev. Richard "Dick" Mahaffy

Rev. Mahaffy is serving his second term as ECD President.  He is one of the clergy members at St. Margaret of Scotland Episcopal Church in Sarasota, FL.  He leads a Deaf church there once a month.

Lee Holland.png


Lee Hollan

Lee is serving her second term as ECD Vice President, but this is her third term on the ECD board.

Ron Selinger.png


Ron Selinger

Ron is serving his first term as Treasurer, but this is his second term on the ECD board.

Dr. Fran Croft.png


Dr. Fran Croft

Fran is serving her first term as Secretary.  We welcome Fran as an experienced new board member elected at the 2021 ECD Convention.

Cami Ouellette.png

Member at Large 1

Cami Oulette

Cami is serving her first term on the ECD Board as Member at Large 1.  We welcome Cami as a new board member elected at the 2021 ECD Convention.

Image by Ben Sweet

Member at Large 2


Dr. Cathy Deats.png


The Rev. Dr. Cathy Deats

Rev. Cathy is serving on the ECD Board as the ECD Chaplain.  The chaplain is an appointed position.  After the 75th ECD Convention in 2021, the new board gathered and elected The Rev. Dr. Cathy.  We welcome Rev. Cathy as an experienced board member appointed at the 2021 ECD Convention.

ECD Staff Members

Deaf Episcopalian editors
Jannie & Elizabeth Holland

Jannie and Elizabeth are the co-editors for the Deaf Episcopalian newsletter. They have been the editors since late 2018.

If you have an article you want to submit, you can email it or set up a time to sign it, and your article will be interpreted and written down.


If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas, you can email the editors at:

Membership Secretary
Robert Hartzog

Welcome, Robert Hartzog as the new Membership Secretary. 

If you have any questions about membership, you can email Robert at:

Technology & Communication Coordinator
Jason D Boyd

Welcome, Jason D. Boyd, as the new Technology & Communication Coordinator.  Jason has a vast experience in Internet technology for 23+ years, and he will help ECD gain exposure. 

If you face any issues with the ECD website, you can email at

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