Scripture Signs

There are many words and terms in the Bible that require a person to find the actual meaning so that the message can be relayed effectively. It is important to remember that we need to convey the meaning, not the actual words. The only time you would be concerned about the actual words is if the material is something that might come up on a test later, so if you’re not interpreting for Bible School, you probably will never need to fingerspell the words, such as “loathsome pestilence”. In the case of “loathsome pestilence”, the words mean “awful sickness” or “horrible sickness” so that is what you would sign.

If you are ever stumped on any particular words it’s always a good idea to look in the thesaurus. Below, you will find meanings for many words found in the Bible. It does not show signs, but does give the meanings of common words found in the scripture, so it will benefit anyone who already have a fairly good sign vocabulary.

Words in ( ) are suggested signs