ECD Leaders

The ECD Board of Directors is elected from the membership of the ECD and carries out the wishes of the membership as established at the ECD Conventions. In addition the board oversees the administration of a variety of funds that have been set up to support ministry among the deaf in the Episcopal Church.President ~ The Rev. Richard Mahaffy
Vice President ~ Lee Holland
Secretary ~ Cass Martensen
Treasurer ~ The Rev. Emily Hillquist Davis
Member-at-large ~ The Rev. Suzanne Johnston & Ron Selinger
Chaplain ~ The Rev. Laurence Wainwright-Maks

The ECD Board meets each month online via on-line chats and at least twice a year in person. The Board also attends General Convention and staffs an informational booth to raise awareness of Deaf Ministry.

For further info, you may read General and Individual descriptions.

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