The Power of Storytelling

The Episcopal Conference of the Deaf invites you to join in an amazing workshop, offered to all.

When: July 15-17, 2019
Where: Pallottine Renewal Center, St. Louis, Missouri
Who: The Rev. Deacon Patrick Graybill
Why? To allow us to feel more comfortable signing the Gospel and Bible stories of our faith; allowing for greater access to the bible

The presenter, Rev. Deacon Patrick Graybill, is Deaf and Roman Catholic. He has always been an advocate for the Deaf in church. He has been a presenter for many years and is very passionate about bringing the mass to the people, in ASL.

The Rev. Deacon Patrick Graybill will bring his wealth of knowledge to this two-day workshop and provide a safe atmosphere to learn. We, the ECD, encourage all to come and participate.

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