List of Funds

The ECD accepts contributions to all of these funds:

The Roger Pickering Second Century Fund is an annual appeal to encourage people to make larger gifts to the ECD for starting new missions, to strengthen or revive failing missions, and to fund workshops. Many Episcopal bishops contribute to this fund from their discretionary funds.

The Morrill Fund is the general endowment fund of the ECD. It began in 1929 when a Mrs. Morrill made an $8000 bequest for work with deaf people. The ECD set up an endowment fund with the income to be used for the general operation of the ECD. Memorial gifts have been contributed to this fund over the years, including an unrestricted gift of $100,000 in memory of the Rev. Robert Fletcher of Alabama. Operating expenses of the ECD are partially supported by this fund. All of the officers and staff of the ECD are volunteers who are reimbursed for their expenses only.

The Fleming Fund is used for scholarships, internships, training grants, and workshops for seminarians and clergy to train them for working in the ministry with deaf people.

The Henry Winter Syle Fund is in memory of the first deaf priest to be ordained, the Rev. Henry Winter Syle.
Our church seminaries are not prepared to provide interpreters or note-takers for deaf students and are exempt by law from requirements to do so. Quite a few years ago, the national Episcopal Church passed a resolution at General Convention asking all churches to voluntarily give 1% of their income to the seminaries of the Episcopal Church. This voluntary contribution has been widely accepted within the Church and most parishes and mission give this money to the seminary where their priest attended. The ECD passed a resolution that we would ask each ECD-related congregation to follow this practice, but to make their donation to the Henry Winter Syle Fund instead of to an individual seminary. As indicated above, this fund provides interpreters and note-takers for deaf seminarians.

The Little Red Church Ingathering is patterned on the United Thank Offering of the wider Episcopal Church, used for general support of operating expenses.

Audio-Visual Fund was established with money turned over from a project of the national church as a revolving fund for the purchase or rental of audio-visual materials. Any profits from these projects were to be returned to the Audio-Visual Fund. In recent years, especially with the advent of technology, the Audio-Visual Fund also began to be used to purchase the equipment to produce training instruments, as well as to enhance the electronic communication efforts of the ECD Board. If any income is received from materials produced by the electronic equipment purchased with Audio-Visual Fund money that income is also returned to the Audio-Visual Fund.

Church Mission to Deaf People Fund is used primarily for Episcopal Deaf congregations in New York state. (It was funded by the proceeds of the sale of the Gallaudet Home for Aged Deaf People in Poughkeepsie, New York.)

The Berg Fund was set up by Mary Ann Berg following the death of her husband, the Rev. Otto Berg, to be used for the planting of new churches for the deaf, reviving dormant churches for the deaf, and training lay people to take an effective role in churches for the deaf.

The Gallaudet Award Fund is used to pay for the purchase and engraving of a plaque honoring that year’s Gallaudet Award. The recipients of this award are chosen by the Board of Directors of the ECD after nomination by the general membership. The award is presented at each ECD Convention.

The Chapliancy Fund was established in memory of the Rev. Betsy Smylie who served the ECD as vicar of Ephphatha Mission for the Deaf in Buffalo, New York. The interest earned from this fund is used to help pay the expenses of the Chaplain of each ECD Convention.

The Executive Council Fund
As an official ministry of the Episcopal Church, the ECD is given the opportunity to apply for a grant from the national church every 3 years at the General Convention. The ECD has chosen to do so each time. Any money received from these 3 year grants is awarded to the ECD by the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church. These funds have been used for general operating expenses for the ECD.