ECD By-Laws

As amended at the Seventy-Fourth Convention in June 2017


SECTION I: Clergy and Lay members must pay their membership dues annually by February 28 and be at least 16 years of age; provided, however, for cause, the Board may designate and announce a later deadline.
……a. Each Parish and Mission shall send the Membership Secretary annually by February 28 a list of the names and addresses of all its active communicants as defined by Canon Law of the Episcopal Church, accompanied by an annual assessment of dues per member.
…….b. Membership shall include a complimentary subscription to THE DEAF EPISCOPALIAN.
……c. Individual membership is effective upon payment of the annual membership dues.
……d. Membership fees shall be set by the ECD Convention.
…….e. Under special circumstances, people will be able to join and pay for their membership dues, with a late fee, at the time of registration for ECD Conventions

SECTION II:  The ECD encourages each Deaf ministry to send at least one person to participate in convention.

SECTION III: The House of Assembly shall include all members of the ECD who have registered at the ECD Convention


SECTION I: The President of the ECD shall have authority to call a Convention of the ECD which shall be at a time and place determined either by vote of the membership of the last previous Convention or by vote of the Board of Directors. Invitations for hosting ECD conventions shall be received and approved by the Board , and shall be advertised a year in advance. Any ECD Convention shall have the prior approval of the local Missioner to the Deaf and/or Bishop Diocesan of the hosting community.

SECTION II: The Board of Directors shall be responsible for ECD Convention planning and may delegate hosting responsibilities to local congregations. (See ARTICLE IV, SECTION VII & VIII)

SECTION III: The Secretary of the ECD shall make a list of all members present at a Convention according to the several classifications set forth in this Constitution and By-Laws, with their respective missions, parishes, or separate congregations.

SECTION IV: The Membership Secretary or replacement appointed by the President shall confirm the membership status of registrants at the time of Convention.

SECTION V: Each ECD Convention shall
…..a. Consist of the House of Assembly. A 2/3 majority of those voting shall be necessary for a decision.
…..b. Give one vote to each member of the House of Assembly.

SECTION VI: A quorum shall be necessary before a Convention may legally be called to order. A quorum shall consist of 3 clergy members entitled to vote in the House of  Assembly and 4 Lay members entitled to vote in the House of Assembly.

SECTION VII: The Secretary of the ECD may nominate an Assistant Secretary, who shall assist the ECD Secretary during the Convention in the preparation of the minutes and in such other duties deemed necessary.

SECTION VIII: The reports of all officers and committees shall be in the hands of the Secretary of the ECD Convention on the opening day of each Convention. Reports will be distributed prior to business sessions at which they are to be made. Reports, except budget, may be made by title only, with the person making the report available on the floor for answering questions related to the report.

SECTION IX: A Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the President and approved by the Board of Directors  This committee shall prepare a slate of officers eligible and willing to serve, and shall distribute this list to the membership one day before the election. Nominations may also be made from the floor at such a Convention, provided the nominee is present at the time of the nomination or sends a letter or  email or makes a phone call by voice or  VP or any other effective communication device to the chair of the Nominating Committee stating his/her willingness to serve if elected.

SECTION X: The President, with the approval of the Board of Directors, shall at each Convention appoint members of various committees . Members of the Convention  may be assigned to a committee of their request.

SECTION XI: Robert’s Rules of Order Revised (Current Edition) shall govern the proceedings of this corporation in Convention in all cases not provided for in these by-laws.


SECTION I: The President shall give a summary of his/her activities to the ECD at each of its Conventions. He/she shall give an address at each Convention in which he/she shall make any recommendations that he/she believes to be necessary to broaden the work of the ECD and to add to the effectiveness of the Church’s ministry to Deaf people. The President’s address may contain his/her summary of activities, which shall then be accepted in lieu of a separate written report. The President may appoint a committee to study his/her address and to report back to the Convention for the purpose of making recommendations to be acted upon by the Convention.

SECTION II: The Treasurer shall submit to each Convention of the ECD a written report showing all money and other property received by him/her, and the manner in which he/she has disbursed or disposed of the same. The Treasurer shall submit reports to the membership as often as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.

SECTION III: The Secretary shall keep the membership of the ECD informed of the proceedings in the Convention and Board meetings. Prior to the adjournment of Convention, the Board will designate a person to collect the Minutes, reports and other information to be included in the Proceedings. That person will be authorized to collate, edit and have printed a quantity (to be decided by the Board according to need) of the Proceedings and distribute the copies to the member churches of the ECD, the clergy of the ECD, and such other persons and agencies as shall be decided by the Board. The schedule for distribution of the Proceedings shall be 90 days before the convention or on a date approved by the ECD Board.


SECTION I: The Board of Directors shall have general supervision of the funds of the ECD. The annual budget and all depositories and investments proposed by the Treasurer shall be subject to the approval of the Board.

SECTION II: All expenditures by the Treasurer and the Board of Directors which are not in the approved annual budget or are in excess of the budgeted amount must be authorized by a majority vote of the Board.

SECTION III: The ECD shall be bonded in an amount fixed by the Board of Directors with Corporate Surety provided by the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church.

SECTION IV: Withdrawals from the checking account may be by the President, the  Vice President, or the Treasurer. Withdrawals in excess of $10,000 require the approval of the ECD Board.

SECTION V: With the approval of the Board of Directors, the Treasurer may open various accounts in addition to the main checking account and make such other investments as may be expedient for security or optimum financial return. However, all transactions between these subsidiary accounts and investments shall be made through the checking account, with all external receipts and disbursements to be made through this checking account, with the exception that special purpose checking accounts may be specifically authorized by the Board of Directors for limited and specific use.

SECTION VI: At the close of each  fiscal year the accounts of the Treasurer shall be audited by a Certified Public Accountant.  At the change of Treasurers, accounts must be audited by a CPA.

SECTION VII: The host committee of an ECD Convention may be allocated a grant for advance expenses upon submission of an acceptable budget, the amount being fixed by the Board of Directors, who shall have oversight of the expense of each Convention.

SECTION VIII: At the close of an ECD Convention a complete financial report must be submitted within 90 days to the Board of Directors by the local Convention committee. Any profit shall be divided equally between the host organization and the ECD. Any deficit shall be borne by the ECD, provided that a. The local Convention committee submitted a budget to the Board of Directors, and b. Any expenses over the budget were approved by the President or the Board of Directors.


SECTION I: The official publication of the ECD shall be THE DEAF EPISCOPALIAN which shall be governed and administered by the Board of Directors.

SECTION II: The Editor of THE DEAF EPISCOPALIAN shall be appointed by the Board of Directors. He/she shall have responsibility to the Board for laying out, editing, and preparing THE DEAF EPISCOPALIAN for publication. His/her normal expenses shall be paid by the Board, and his/her ECD and General Convention expenses shall be on the same basis as the Board members. Receipts from subscriptions shall go to the ECD treasury.

SECTION III: The Editor shall report to every Convention. Such reports shall include the needs of the publication staff, and any other pertinent information the Convention deems necessary, along with a financial statement from the Treasurer containing receipts and disbursements in connection with the publication of THE DEAF EPISCOPALIAN.

SECTION IV: The Editor shall be paid per issue at an amount established by the Board of Directors.

SECTION V: The Membership Secretary will arrange for the distribution of THE DEAF EPISCOPALIAN.


There shall be an Historian of the ECD whose duty shall be to gather and file for safekeeping all matter of historical value and pertaining to the Church’s ministry to Deaf people, and make this available for reference or research by members of the ECD or authorized parties. He/she shall keep a file of THE DEAF EPISCOPALIAN and supervise the binding or copies of it from time to time as is deemed necessary. A complete file of THE DEAF EPISCOPALIAN shall be housed with the Church Historical Society and such other places as he may recommend to the Board. The Historian shall be appointed by the Board of Directors and shall serve until his/her successor is appointed.


SECTION I: There shall be a Membership Secretary of the ECD whose duty shall be to manage the ECD membership according to the By-Laws, ARTICLE I, SECTION I.

SECTION II: The Membership Secretary shall send to the Board Secretary, a copy of the membership list with addresses attached. This same list shall be sent to the Editor of THE DEAF EPISCOPALIAN, the publisher and the ECD President.


The by-laws of the ECD may be amended at any Convention of the ECD but no proposed amendment shall be considered by a Convention unless one day’s notice be given in open convention, nor until such amendment has been referred to and reported upon by a committee of at least two clergy and two lay people. Amendments to the by-laws shall be by a  2/3 majority vote of the number of people voting at Convention. Unless otherwise provided by the Convention, all amendments shall become effective upon the adjournment  of the Convention of the ECD at which final action is taken.

Amended at the Seventy-Fourth Convention in June 2017.