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The Episcopal Conference of the Deaf is a national association of Episcopal Church workers whose purpose is to spread the Gospel of Christ among Deaf people. To do this effectively the ECD acts as a central clearing house concerning all aspects of work among Deaf people.

The ECD encourages the establishment of missions, promotes recruitment, training and placement of qualified workers and assists in the expansion, growth and perpetuation of the Episcopal Church work among Deaf people. It strives to present a united voice before the bishops and the whole church concerning the work among Deaf people and to assist church workers to better serve God and His Church, both spiritually and temporally.

The Bishop and The Diocese of New York, St. Ann's Church for the Deaf, and The Episcopal Conference of the Deaf are pleased to announce this open position.

St. Ann’s Church for the Deaf, Manhattan

Position: Vicar of St. Ann’s for the Deaf and Chaplain for the Deaf NYC
                 (full time position)

Contact: The Rev. Canon Nora Smith, Canon for Transition Ministry                                                [email protected]

The Diocese of NY are still receiving names 


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More information can be found in Article 1, Section 1 in ECD By-Laws, amended at the Seventy-Fourth Convention in June 2017.

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May 28,  2019
—–  Monthly Board Meeting

June 25,  2019
—–  Monthly Board Meeting

July 15-17, 2019
—– ECD Retreat , St. Louis, Missouri
       THE BIBLE COMES ALIVE: The Power of Storytelling
       Speaker – Deacon Patrick Graybill

July 2019
—– Clergy Workshop, St. Louis, Missouri
       (by invite only ~~ if you lead Deaf church, let us know)

August 27,  2018 
—–  Monthly Board Meeting

September 24, 2018
—–  Monthly Board Meeting

October 23-25,  2019 
—– Biannual Board meeting, Sarasota, Florida 

Spring 2020
—– Biannual Board meeting, TBA

August 11-15 2020
—– 2020 ECD Convention
       Dumas Bay Retreat Centre, Federal Way, WA